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1. The military junta, facing losses on all fronts and lacking ideas, is now attempting to divide among the revolutionary forces

U Maung Maung Swe, deputy secretary of the NUG’s Ministry of Defence, stated in the Spring Revolution’s achievements presentation to the public on August 14:

“General N’Ban La also mentioned in his speech at the Kachin Martyrs Day Ceremony organised on August 10, 2023, that given the fact that the military junta was losing one day after another, the military junta would fall soon, and our spring revolution would soon achieve its goal. The military junta, which is losing ground on all fronts and is out of ideas, attempted to divide the revolutionary forces, but the entire ethnic population and each leader of the ethnic resistance organisations rejected it and instead are collectively revolutionising in the spring revolution by holding the principle to the fall of the dictatorship.”

The deputy secretary went on to say that the National Unity Government is currently engaged in financial warfare to cut off the sources of income for the fascist military by collaborating with the populace to knock down sales of eight brands of military products, which are alcohol, beers, and cigarettes, by 70% in two months.

2. NUG is providing food aid for the internally displaced persons in Mandalay Division

According to a statement released on August 14 by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management of the National Unity Government, the ministry is providing humanitarian aid to those who were displaced by the military junta’s arson attacks, those who were harmed, those who were killed (both civilians and defence comrades), CDM heroes, and families of political prisoners in Thabeikkyin Township, Singu Township, Madaya Township, Mahlaing Township and Myingyan Township in Mandalay Division.

During the period of three months from June to August 2023, the ministry has provided 22,721,000 kyats of subsidies for those townships in Mandalay Division in collaboration with the people’s administrative organisations (Pa-Ah-Fa), humanitarian representatives, strike forces, and civil society organisations.

3. Eight drug dealers and users were prosecuted, and the confiscated drugs were destroyed

On August 15, the Kawlin District Battalion No. 1 of the People’s Defence Force of the Ministry of Defence issued a statement announcing that it and four relevant departments had filed lawsuits against eight individuals for dealing and using drugs that the military junta had deliberately distributed in the area. They also burned any drugs that had been confiscated from them.

It has been reported that the junta is distributing drugs in areas where the revolution is strong with the intention of using them as weapons to destroy the lives of the populace.

4. Fighting is raging since the terrorist military is attempting to recapture Lat Khat Taung hilltop base in Myawaddy, firing artillery shells incessantly

It has been reported that fighting is raging this morning since the terrorist military is firing artillery shells incessantly in an attempt to recapture Lat Khat Taung (Lat Khat Hill) base. On July 21, the revolutionary alliance forces took control of the Lat Khat Taung base, which is strategically crucial for the terrorist military.

According to local news sources, the military junta troops began firing artillery shells indiscriminately at around 5:00 a.m. on August 15 using 120-mm artilleries.

“The people in the city are quite scared. Some of them have fled to the places where their relatives live. The artillery has been shelling non-stop since early this morning. According to what I’ve heard, the military intended to take back control of the Lat Khat Taung pagoda base within a few days,” a local resident said.

According to a statement by the Cobra Column, as of August 13, 2023, there have been no less than 10 clashes in the KNU/KNLA Brigade 6 territory between the military forces and the KNU/KNLA Brigade 6 and its alliance forces, including the Cobra Column 1, Black Panther Column, Federal Wings, and Raung Ni, since Lat Khat Taung base was captured. The clashes resulted in the deaths of 17 military council members, including two captains, and injuries to 34 other members.

5. Award-winning film THE WAY will be presented to Myanmar revolutionaries around the world at the end of August in various cities

On August 15, the award-winning film “THE WAY” debuted its official poster, and it was revealed that starting at the end of August, cities all over the world would have screenings for the Myanmar revolutionaries abroad. “THE WAY” musical film, which was captured using only two mobile phone cameras, won awards at film festivals in some countries around the world.

It has been stated that the musical film “THE WAY,” created by Myanmar singer and composer Lynn Lynn, by combining music, sounds, and acting skills, conveys many thoughts and feelings.

6. The Spring Tea Family in the United States raised more than US$16,000 in revolutionary funds from food sales and donations in August

On August 15, the Spring Tea Family in the United States announced that it had raised US$16,067 in revolutionary funds in August.

They had thanked food donors, cash donors, plant donors, buyers, and those who helped all around.

The Spring Tea Family in the United States cooks and sells food by organising a food sale fundraiser event every month to raise funds to support the Spring Revolution.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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