Spring Revolution Local News – Aug 09 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. Acting President affirms his commitment to keep marching until the success of the People’s Spring Revolution

Acting President Duwa Lashi La remarked at the “35th Anniversary of the 8888 Democratic Uprising Day Ceremony” held on August 8: “In regard to the faces of all those who have strived for democracy, we need to move forward with unwavering faith in rooting out the military dictatorship. We must regard the Spring Revolution as a mature revolution for democracy. I swear to keep marching until the success of the people’s revolution without breaking up with the people.”

The Spring Revolution emerged along with the anti-dictatorship movements following the military’s illegal takeover of power on February 1, 2021.

2. Union Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye attends the ILACC meeting with township people’s administrative bodies from Yangon Region

The 15/2023 meeting of the National Unity Government’s Interim Local Administrative Central Committee (ILACC) and the township administrative bodies (Pa-Ah-Fa) from Yangon Region was held on August 8.

Dr. Win Myat Aye, Union Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management and a member of the ILACC, attended the meeting and delivered the opening remarks.

U Chit Htun, Deputy Minister for Federal Union Affairs and a secretary of the ILACC, then gave his greetings and updated on the progress of the tasks decided upon in the 14/2023 meeting.

After that, difficulties and challenges presented by the members of the township people’s administrative bodies that they are encountering on the ground were discussed among the meeting attendees.

Union Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Associate Secretaries, officials from the NUG ministries, and members of the township people’s administrative bodies (Pa-Ah-Fa) from Yangon Region attended the meeting.

3. NUG’s Interim Board of Education for Universities of Computer Studies plans to issue final year completion certificates to final year students of the 2020-2021 academic year

The Universities of Computer Studies, Interim Board of Education, Ministry of Education, the National Unity Government, announced on August 8 that plans were being made to issue final year completion certificates to final year students of the 2020-2021 academic year.

Final-year students majoring in computer science engineering (CSE) and electronic and communication engineering (EcE) at the Myanmar Institute of Information Technology (MIIT) and majoring in information science and technology (IST) and computer engineering (CE) at the University of Technology-Yatanarbon Cyber City (UTYCC) will be issued final-year completion certificates.

Students were advised to get in touch with their respective university or institution’s student union for more information.

4. Over 300,000 people are displaced, and many require medical care in Karenni State, but all are living in fear

Free Burma Rangers released in August concerning the internally displaced people in Karenni State: “Dear friends, please pray for the medical people: that they could survive this, and that we could help them find places to hide and rebuild hospitals and clinics that continue to serve and give life-saving help. Hundreds of villagers have been killed as well as local resistance; thousands are wounded and help is greatly needed. In Karenni State, over three hundred thousand people are displaced; many are in need of medical care and all are living with fear.”

Furthermore, the Free Burma Rangers reiterated that doctors were being targeted by the military junta, and that many medics had been killed as a result of the junta’s intentional targeting and murder by airstrikes.

5. The terrorist military is advancing through the villages of Depeyin Township, Sagaing Region

According to the Depeyin Township Brotherhoods, the terrorist military troops were advancing through villages in Depeyin Township, Sagaing Region, on the morning of August 9.

“The military column from Ye-U Township has re-entered Depeyin Township for the second time and is currently marching in the township. Soldiers were reassigned, including the battalion commander, and weapons and ammo were supplemented before re-entering Depeyin Township and advancing in the township,” the group said.

The villages where the military column may be heading were fleeing to safety. The Depeyin Township Brotherhoods cautioned the local residents to be aware of the ground military warnings provided by the revolutionary forces.

6. Shar Htoo Waw technology drones were used to launch an aerial attack against the junta’s Pale Township Police Station

The Salingyi Special Task Force claimed to have launched an aerial strike on the Pale Township Police Station in Sagaing Region on August 8 using Shar Htoo Waw technology drones to drop 60-mm grenades and other grenades on it.

The operation was reportedly carried out jointly by Shar Htoo Waw Technology Team No. 4 of the Salingyi Special Task Force, Shar Htoo Waw Technology Team No. 3 of the PDAF, and local people’s defence forces.

On August 6, the Salingyi Special Task Force’s Shar Htoo Waw Technology Team No. 4 also carried out another aerial attack using a 2.5-kilogram grenade against the police outpost in Kyartet village.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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