Spring Revolution Local News – Jul 08 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. A meeting between NUG Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe and U.S. Ambassador to the UN Wood takes place

A meeting took place between Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, Union Minister for Health and Education of the National Unity Government (NUG) of Myanmar, and Robert A. Wood, Alternative Representative of the United States of America (USA) for Special Political Affairs in the United Nations (UN). The U.S. Mission to the UN expressed this on Twitter, stating, “Ambassador Wood met with Dr. Zaw Wai Soe from @NUGNyanmar to discuss next steps in the Security Council.

Afterwards, Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe met with human rights physicians, and Deputy Foreign Minister U Moe Zaw Oo was also present there.

2. Union Minister Prof. Win Myat Aye will have a community meeting with Southern California Burmese families

Prof. Win Myat Aye, Union Minister for the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management of the National Unity Government, will have a community meeting with Southern California Burmese families on July 14. It was announced that the community meeting is open to everyone who is interested.

“Let’s have a friendly and warm meeting with Sayar Prof. Win Myat Aye. We will have the opportunity to help with the social welfare and humanitarian activities that his ministry is responsible for,” said the meeting organiser.

It was stated that there is no entrance fee to join the community meeting and that the audience will have the opportunity to ask the Union Minister whatever question they have.

3. The National Unity Consultative Council (NUGC) releases the “Gender Equality Position Paper”

The National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) released the “Gender Equality Position Paper” in July.

The “Gender Equality Position Paper” was developed by the NUCC Joint Coordination Committee on Gender Policy (JCC-Gender Policy) and approved by the NUCC.

The organisations that are striving for gender equality and women’s empowerment are also working to end patriarchy while working on anti-dictatorship activities.

According to the NUCC, this Gender Equality Position Paper aims to be a guide to developing opportunities for gender equality not only in the fight against the dictatorship but also in building a future federal democratic union.

4. A military council column comprising junta soldiers and Pyu Saw Htee members who were attempting to invade Inn Pat village and Chan Thar Kone village in the western part of Khin-U Township

The Khin-U Special Force Organisation (KSO) reported, “On July 18 at 7:15 a.m., the KSO force used two clustered mines to blast a military column comprising about 20 who were attempting to invade Inn Pat village and Chan Thar Kone village in the western part of Khin-U Township in Sagaing Division. The military column was comprised of Pyu Saw Htee members from Ywar Thit Kone village and the military council soldiers who were stationed at Inn Pat Turn market.”

According to the KSO, the military column retreated after suffering losses. Four junta members were reportedly killed, while many others were injured in the mine attack.

5. Through nine gates, the NUG’s PaleTownship People’s Administration Group was able to collect more than 15 million MMK in taxes in June 2023

The Pale Township People’s Administration announced that, in June, more than 15 million MMK in taxes were able to be collected through nine gates in Pale Township, Sagaing Division.

“The Pale Township People’s Administration Group (Pa-Ah-Fa), Township People’s Defence Group (Pa-Ka-Fa), and Township People Security Group (Pa-La-Fa) of the National Unity Government held a monthly meeting and distribution of funds on July 3. At the meeting, persons in charge of education, health care, electricity, forestry, humanitarian assistance, and tax discussed their work as well as challenges. Then, the financial officer made a statement of the tax revenue collected through the nine gates in Pale Township and distributed it according to the NUG’s budget allocation policy. After deducting the expenses of nine gates, the total tax money collected in June 2023 is 15,073,000 MMK.”

6. The “Yoma Calling” fundraising campaign has raised more than US$170,000

The “Yoma Calling” campaign team announced on July 8 that the campaign had so far raised US$175,000.

“Now, the proceeds from the Yoma Calling project have reached 175,000 US dollars. Let’s start the first challenge of Yoma Calling today. The campaign will issue a challenge to raise $200,000 USD by this weekend. Who is going to call the challenge? Ko Pauk and the Yoma Calling team are challenging people at home and abroad, as well as international fundraisers,” said the Yoma Calling team.

The “Yoma Calling” fundraising campaign, which will be taking place from June 25 to July 16, aims to raise the required revolutionary funds for the Salmon Operation, which will enable revolutionary fighters from the Yangon, Bago, and Ayeyarwady Regions to return home.

7. A humanitarian food fair will be held in Germany on July 9

It was announced that a humanitarian food fair will be held in Germany on July 9.

On July 9, a humanitarian food fair will be held in Germany along with Har Ngar Kaung’s Anyeint (a traditional Burmese entertainment that combines dance with instrumental music, song, and comedy routines in theatrical performances) in Frankfurt, Germany.

Har Ngar Kaung is a popular Anyeint troupe comprised of five comedians who are actively participating in the revolution.

“You can contribute to the revolutionary fundraising while enjoying Burmese traditional entertainment and Burmese food,” said the organiser.

It was stated that attendees will be able to join the event either in person at the event venue or online.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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