Spring Revolution Local News – May 28 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. The US California Senate officially welcomes and honours NUG Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe

On May 25, Union Ministers visited the California State Senate as representatives of the National Unity Government.

The California State Senate of the United States formally welcomed and honoured Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, Union Minister of the National Unity Government, by stating, “On behalf of Senator Allen, the California Senate would like to welcome Dr. Zaw Wai Soe of Myanmar, who joins us in the gallery. A leader in the democracy movement, Dr. Zaw Wai Soe serves as the Union Minister of Health and Education under the democratically elected National Unity Government of Myanmar in exile.”

The Union Ministers also had a separate meeting with Senator Benjamin J. Allen in the afternoon to discuss Myanmar affairs.

2. Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe says that the Spring Revolution will have to move forward without losing momentum in consideration of those who have paid their lives 

At the opening ceremony of a fundraising campaign to raise funds for production of weapons held in May, Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, Union Minister for Education and Health, remarked: “We are not giving false hope. We are contrasting the present with the past. We are discussing recent developments. In the past, Tumee (firearms) were used; right now, it is possible to make handmade firearms with shoots that resemble genuine combat ones. I would like to praise everyone, and I am proud of them. For those who have paid with their lives, our revolution needs to continue without losing momentum.”

Currently, according to the Ministry of Defence (NUG-MOD), there are 303 battalions and columns of the People’s Defence Force (PDF) spread throughout the country, in addition to the People’s Defence Organisations (PDOs/Pa-Ka-Fa), which function as People Militia, that have been set up in over 250 townships, with the fighting forces growing in numbers and strength, surpassing that of the enemy.

3. Human Rights Minister U Aung Myo Min of the National Unity Government attended a community meeting in Sydney and briefed the Myanmar community about Myanmar issues

According to the press release of the NUG Representative Office (Australia), on May 28, U Aung Myo Min, Union Minister for Human Rights for the National Unity Government, attended a community meeting at Auburn Town Hall, Sydney, organised by the CRPH/NUG Support Group (New South Wales) on the evening of May 27, and briefed the Myanmar community there about Myanmar issues.

In the morning of May 27, the Union Minister also attended the fundraising food fair being held at the Villawood Senior Citizen Hall in Sydney, and in the afternoon, he had a friendly meeting with the members of the executive committee of Burmese Rohingya Community Australia (BRCA) over lunch.

4. The military’s airstrikes and shelling in Mobye Town in Southern Shan State killed a child and injured eight civilians

According to the May 28 press releases of the Mobye People Defense Force (MBPDF), there was a skirmish encountered between the terrorist military and the PDF allied forces in Mobye on May 27, and the terrorist military launched airstrikes at least eight times and fired with long-range weapons excessively, resulting in the death of a 3-and-a-half-year-old child, the injuries of four civilians, and the destruction of many civilian homes as well as a monastery.

Similarly, on May 28, according to the MBPDF, at 4:30 a.m., the terrorist military attacked an IDP camp on the western side of Mobye with two aerial bombardments, injuring four people and destroying three homes.

5. The CDF-Mindat uses a total of 30 improvised anti-tank missiles and rockets to attack the junta’s No. 274 Infantry Battalion based in Mindat, Mindat Police Station, and the Kanpetlet intersection checkpoint

On May 28, the Chinland Defence Force-Mindat (CDF-Mindat) released a battle report: “On May 25, the CDF-Mindat and allied forces attacked the No. 274 Infantry Battalion based in Mindat, the Mindat Police Station, and the Kanpetlet intersection checkpoint with 30 anti-tank missiles and rockets, which then exploded within the targets.”

The extent of damage to the junta forces had yet to be investigated, said the CDF-Mindat.

The CDF-Mindat reportedly launched another attack on May 26 against a military convoy carrying about 180 soldiers on the Kyaukhtu-Mindat highway with clustered mines, causing casualties on the military side.

6. The Click2donate urges iPhone users to place more focus on the Eain Pyan Lann app

On May 27, Click2donate announced that the previous day’s earnings of its iOS app, Eain Pyan Lann, were about 200,000 kyats and said that there were only 400 iPhone users left to support the app.

Click2donate urged those iPhone users who want to support the revolution to use its Eain Pyan Lann app, saying, “We can raise more than 2,000,000 kyats if 4,000 users join us, and we can raise 5,000,000 kyats every day on this app alone if 10,000 users join.”

Click2donate raises funds for revolution with the people’s click-and-watch on advertisements.

7. The LA Myanmar revolutionary supporters support over $50,000 every month, and a total of $2 million has been supported so far

On the final week of May, the Los Angeles Myanmar revolutionary supporters claimed that they support over $50,000 for the revolution every month, and a total of $2 million has been supported so far.

“People are saying that LA Myanmar supporters are supporting the revolution without missing a day, that they provide support to 30 to 50 PDF groups every month, that they also provide support to CDMers and IDPs, that certificates of appreciation are collected by year and are also recorded in Excel files, and that they are donating more than $500,000 every month, and that more than $2 million has been contributed to the revolution so far. This is our LA. In fact, the Citizen of Burma Award (COBA) association was the first to raise $9.7 million in revolutionary funds to start the revolution, and the main effort was made by its Los Angeles Chapter,” said U Than Naing of the LA Myanmar community.

It was also stated that the LA Myanmar community was also contributing to “Project IDPs”, a program to support the IDPs in Myanmar organised by the Citizen of Burma Award association.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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