Spring Revolution Local News – Apr 24 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. The Acting President says that every day is a state emergency

At the First Higher Education Conference during the Spring Revolution held via video conferencing on April 21, Acting President Duwa Lashi La remarked: “As everyone has already known, our country and its people are currently going through a period of difficulty and crisis. We consider this a period of revolution, and we all have to walk cautiously at all times and every day as an emergency.”

In addition, the Acting President also said that all the revolutionary forces are striving to do the work they should be doing amid many difficulties, crises, and challenges.

The National Unity Government has developed and is implementing a one-year strategic plan.

2. Fighter jets from the Myitkyina Air Force Base bombed and continuously conducted air raids in the area near Taw Ma and Marathein villages in Sagaing’s Tigyaing Township

On April 24, the Tigyaing Revolution (TR) team reported that fighter jets from the Myitkyina Air Force Base bombed and continuously conducted air raids in the area near Taw Ma and Marathein villages in Tigyaing Township, Sagaing Division.

“A fighter jet that came down from the Myitkyina [air force base] first bombed the area between Taw Ma and Marathein villages in Tigyaing Township, which was followed by numerous air raids by fighter jets,” it stated.

On April 10, the terrorist military launched an air strike on the new town of Webula in Chin State, killing 9 civilians, and on April 11, 168 people were killed in an airstrike on Pazigyi village, Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Division.

3. KNU/KNLA Brigade 1 and 5 combined forces captured and destroyed the Mae Si Htar junta checkpoint in Karen State

On April 24, the Karen National Union (KNU)’s Department of Organizing and Information announced the following military information:

“The combined forces of the 1st Brigade and 5th Brigade of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) attacked the Mae Si Htar checkpoint managed by the 401st Light Infantry Battalion (LIB-401) under the 8th Military Operation Command (MOC-8) of the terrorist military council on April 24 at 4:30 a.m. and captured it at 5:00 a.m.”

“During the capture of the checkpoint, 5 terrorist junta soldiers were killed, and the KNLA combined forces seized one MA-5 pistol, one K3 79, three K3, 20 box magazines, and 1500 rounds of ammunition,” said the KNU.

Mae Si Htar checkpoint is a strategic checkpoint located on the Hpapun-Kamamaung Highway at the border of the Karen National Union (KNU) Brigade-1 (Thaton District in Mon State) and Brigade-5 (Hpapun District in Karen State). The KNU also said that the junta’s Mae Si Htar checkpoint is notorious for arresting and torturing civilian passengers, as well as for using civilian detainees as human shields.

The KNU claims that out of the 15 junta soldiers stationed at the Mae Si Htar checkpoint, 10 managed to escape and 5 were killed during the attack.

Captain Saw Rambo, the head of the strategic office of the KNLA Brigade-1 in Thaton District, and Captain Taw, deputy commander of the 102nd Battalion of the KNLA Brigade-5 in Mutraw (Hpapum) District, led the attack, and it was said that there was no harm to the KNLD combined forces.

On April 22, in the KNU/KNLA Brigade-3 territory in Nyaunglaybin District, Bago Division, attacks on four junta outposts resulted in the capture and destruction of two of them, the deaths of 16 junta troops, and the injuries of 17 others.

4. PDF (Khayan) releases an emergency notification about six of its comrades being arrested and warns those associated with them to flee

On April 23, PDF (Khayan), an urban guerrilla group in Khayan Town in Yangon Division, made the following announcement informing the public of its comrades’ arrest by the military council:

“Our six comrades—Comrade Yanaung, Comrade Hmay Gyi, Comrade Veikalay, Comrade Thalika, Comrade Sarkalay, and Comrade DK—were accidentally arrested by the terrorist military council on April 22. The military council has been torturing them, making chain arrests, and arresting the townspeople. They are also communicating through the phones of our comrades. Therefore, we hereby make an emergency announcement for those related to the comrades to be especially careful and for the public to avoid random arrests by the terrorist army.”

5. The Insein CID office was attacked twice with remote-controlled mines, and the terrorist junta troops were hit and killed in the second attack

On April 24, the Yangon Urban Guerrilla Army (YUGA) released the following information about its attack on the Insein CID office:

“At 10:42 p.m. and 10:47 p.m. on April 23 (Tuesday), we detonated the Insein CID office with two remote-controlled mines. Also, when the terrorist junta troops were conducting a blockade inspection near the scene, at 11:42 p.m., we detonated four powerful remote-controlled mines, causing many enemy soldiers to be seriously injured, and the number of deaths may be high.”

This operation was said to have been carried out jointly by the Yangon-Northern District People’s Defence Force and the YUGA (MO-7 Eagle).

“The exact number of casualties and damage is still being investigated, and all the comrades were able to retreat safely,” said the YUGA.

6. Through nine gates, the NUG’s Pale Township People’s Administration Group was able to collect about 16 million MMK in taxes in March 2023

The Pale Township People’s Administration announced on April 23 that in March 2023, over 16 million MMK in taxes were able to be collected through nine gates in Pale Township, Sagaing Division.

“The Pale Township People’s Administration Group (PaAhHpa), Township People’s Defence Group (PaKaHpa), and Township People’s Security Group (PaLaHpa) of the National Unity Government held a monthly meeting and distribution of funds on April 21. At the meeting, persons in charge of education, health care, electricity, forestry, humanitarian assistance, and tax, discussed their works as well as challenges. Then, the financial officer made a statement of the tax revenue collected through the nine gates in Pale Township and distributed it according to the NUG’s budget allocation policy. After deducting the expenses of nine gates, the total tax money collected in March 2023 is 16,616,500 MMK.”

It was stated that the funds allocated for the PaAhHpa processes were redistributed, according to a meeting decision, to the relevant persons in charge of humanitarian assistance, health care, education, and development, as well as office expenses.

It is said that the funds allocated for the PaKaHpa processes would also be re-allocated in front of all stakeholders—members of the Township People’s Defence Group (PaKaHpa), PDF battalions based in Pale Township, and Circle People’s Defence Groups (circle PaKaHpa’s) in Pale Township.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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