Spring Revolution Local News – Apr 20 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. The Union Prime Minister says that the military council, which is in a frenzy, has only left its air forces to rely on

The Union Prime Minister said the following in his speech at the Cabinet Meeting (15/2023) of the National Unity Government held via video conference on April 18:

“No one can say that the military council, which is in a frenzy, will not commit such atrocities with a great grudge against people without being able to see anything using its air forces that it only has left to rely on. Our administration must thus make plans and put them into action in every way possible to prevent more suffering for people. Ministries will also need to issue instructions to their respective levels of officials to ensure that they are always aware of security and defence.”

On April 10, 2023, the terrorist military launched an air strike on the new town of Webula in Chin State, killing 9 civilians, and on April 11, 2023, it also launched an air attack on Pazigyi village, Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Division, killing 168 civilians, the majority of whom were children.

2. Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe says that the terrorist military regime is no longer able to provide health care services to the general population, even in areas near Yangon and Mandalay

Dr. Zaw Wai Soe remarked the following at the convocation ceremony of the Interim University Council of the University of Nursing (Mandalay) held on April 10, 2023:

“The terrorist military regime is actually killing people, setting people’s homes on fire, assaulting women, and doing all of these atrocities, but they are no longer able to and are not supplying the general population with healthcare services, even in the areas near Yangon and Mandalay.”

The National Unity Government provides health care services in controlled territory through its CDM health care employees, in collaboration with the ethnic armed organisations’ health care providers.

3. More than 5,000 residents were forced to flee again as the military council raided Pazigyi village again, where hundreds of people were killed

According to the Kanbalu-Kyunhla Activist Group, on April 20, more than 5,000 residents around Pazigyi village, where hundreds of people were killed, were forced to flee again as the military council raided the area again.

It stated, “More than 5,000 local residents who had fled from seven villages were forced to flee again from forest tents as the terrorist military column of approximately 150 soldiers stormed the area of Pazigyi village in Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Division. They were forced to flee urgently because the military column that advanced from Thabeikkyin Township towards Ma Lel village in Kanbalu Township on the morning of April 19 reached the area of Pazigyi village at 4:00 p.m.”

“Ma Lel village of Thabeikkyin Township is only four miles away from Pazigyi village of Kanbalu Township, where 168 pro-democracy activists and other civilians were killed and 16 others were seriously injured in an airstrike by the terrorist military council on April 11,” stated the Kanbalu-Kyunhla Activist Group.

Those who were forced to flee are residents from the villages of Pazigyi, Htan Taw, Lay Twin Sin, Chaung Shay, Chaung Thar, Mei Za Taw, and Chaung Ma Gyi, according to the Kanbalu-Kyunhla Activist Group.

4. The MOHADM-NUG provides warnings for severe weather that has the potential for extreme high temperatures and a high UV index in the central part of Myanmar

On April 19, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management of the National Unity Government (MOHADM-NUG) issued an extreme weather warning in the central regions of Myanmar as follows:

“According to the 2023 summer El Niño predictions, the daytime temperature may increase in the central regions of Myanmar and experts have estimated that the UV index may increase between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Water scarcity, subsequent diarrheal diseases, skin diseases, and trachoma diseases are all possible effects of rising temperatures. Animal-specific illnesses can also affect humans. Therefore, children, the elderly, and those with chronic diseases are encouraged to live in well-shaded areas in order to avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet rays when the temperature rises during the day and to be aware of the do’s and don’ts related to the rise in temperature.”

5. Eight military council soldiers were killed and one was captured in a clash near the border of Demoso and Bawlakhe in Karenni State

According to the Karenni Information Centre (KnIC)’s April 20 statement, eight military council soldiers were killed and one was captured in a clash on the road to Daw Ngay Khu village from Bawlakhe in Karenni State.

“Yesterday, on April 19, around 1:00 p.m., a clash broke out between the 80th Infantry Battalion of the military council and the allied forces of the Karenni Army (KA) and the 21st Battalion of the Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF B-21) on the road to Daw Ngay Khu village from Bawlakhe in Karenni State, killing eight soldiers and capturing one other,” stated the KnIC.

In addition, it was reported that during the clash, the allied forces of the KA and the KNDF were able to destroy a military vehicle in which the military council soldiers were riding and seize six weapons and some ammunition.

6. The Chinland Defence Force-Matupi (CDF-Matupi) invites health workers to serve at its headquarters, Camp Zion

On April 20, the Chinland Defence Force-Matupi (CDF-Matupi) released a statement inviting health care workers to serve at its headquarters (Camp Zion).

“The Chinland Defence Force-Matupi (CDF-Matupi), which is fighting the armed revolution against the terrorist military council since the military coup, is in special need of health care assistance for its comrades who are fighting for the country and its people due to the lack of enough health care workers. Therefore, we extend an invitation to any health care workers who want to contribute to the revolution while working at the CDF-Mindat Headquarters (Camp Zion),” said the statement.

According to the statement, applicants for health workers must be able to work full-time at Camp Zion, the headquarters of the CDF-Matupi, and if they have a family, the CDF-Matupi will take care of their food and accommodations.

7. The Chinland Defence Force-Mindat (CDF-Mindat) will offer a land plot reward worth 50 million kyats for getting rid of two military council pilots involved in the air attacks on the villages in Mindat Township

On April 19, the Chinland Defence Force-Mindat (CDF-Mindat) announced the reward for getting rid of the two military council pilots.

“Since the first week of January 2023, the terrorist military council has been deliberately targeting innocent civilians in the villages of Mindat Township with airstrikes. The CDF-Mindat has been investigating those military council pilots who carried out air attacks in Mindat Township since there has been much damage to people’s houses and the deaths of innocent civilians in those attacks. According to our investigations, the two pilots involved in the attack on Pan Par village in Mindat Township with two fighter jets are Major Nay Win Kyaw and Major Thet Lin Maung, and we also learned that they are the pilots on whom the military leader especially relies. The two pilots are under the command of Lt. Col. Ye Zaw Naing, who is in charge of the Yak-130 combat aircraft operations in three locations: Tada-U, Nay Pyi Taw, and Hmawbi,” said the statement.

The CDF-Mindat announced in the statement that reward of a land plot worth 50 million kyats will be awarded to any organisation that can get rid of Lt. Col. Ye Zaw Naing, the two pilots, or their accomplices who were involved in the purposeful attacks against the villages in Mindat Township.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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