Spring Revolution Local News – Apr 12 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. The Acting President says that the terrorist military leader is unable to preserve the power he has seized and is attempting to retaliate for the loss in various ways

At Cabinet Meeting No. 14/2023 of the National Unity Government (NUG) held on April 11, 2023, Acting President Duwa Lashi La said the terrorist military leader is unable to preserve the power he has seized and is attempting to retaliate for the loss in various ways:

“The terrorist military leader who cannot maintain the power he has seized by force is attempting to retaliate for his loss in various ways, and the worst of them is creating misunderstandings among the people and those who are on the people’s side. All the people are aware that existing investments have left Myanmar as a result of his poor management. Besides, using the media he influences, the head of the military council continues to spread misinformation that will cause disunity among the people and the people’s defence force about not being able to supply the public with enough electricity throughout the summer.”

Since the beginning of the People’s Defensive War, 29,650 troops under the terrorist military council have been killed and 11,230 wounded as of March 2023.

2. The Union Prime Minister calls for members of the military and police forces who continue to serve the terrorist military to stand with the people and seek refuge in “the people’s embrace” program as soon as possible, since the military council will use various tactics to keep its power

At the Cabinet Meeting held on April 11, Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khain Thann urged the members of the military and police forces who continue to serve the terrorist military as follows:

“With the escalation of warfare, we heard that some members of the military and police forces who no longer wanted to cooperate with the military council’s cruel and inhumane actions had defected to the side of the people and sought refuge. We must try to make arrangements to make it as convenient as possible for those who have sought refuge and those who are attempting to do so. The military council leaders, who are too inhumane, will spend more than 5,600 billion kyats on the defence budget this year and will relentlessly send subordinates to the battlefield and try in various ways to maintain their power. Therefore, it is time for themselves to decide with their minds whether they will continue to serve those people by giving their lives or whether they will take refuge in the people’s embrace.”

After the coup, military officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers, and police members who could not accept the military dictatorship and the inhumane actions of the terrorist military have been defecting to the people and taking the people’s embrace. As of February 21, 2023, there are 3,236 soldiers and 9,091 policemen, making a total of 12,327, as well as over a thousand of their family members.

3. NUCC pledges to seek justice for the innocent people killed in the heinous attacks

The National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) issued a statement on April 11 regarding the atrocious bombings by the military junta that targeted civilian residences and resulted in the mass massacre of innocent citizens.

The NUCC said in the statement that the acts of the terrorist military junta are not only blatant violations of Sections 25, 26, and 27 of the 1907 Hague Convention and Protocol 1 of the Geneva Conventions but also war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The NUCC condemns the widespread, intentional, and systematic killings committed by the military junta across the country and pledges to restore justice for all the innocent civilians killed and to strive for the building of a federal democratic union, which is the aspiration of all people of entire national races.

On April 11, 2023, at 7:45 a.m., a terrorist military junta’s jet fighter that had taken off from Tada-U air force base dropped two bombs on the civilian population, including children and women, in Pazigyi village, Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Division, followed by two rocket and machine gun attacks from a Mi-35 attack helicopter from the junta’s North-Western Military Command five minutes later.

4. The 4th Battalion of Tamu PDF lowered the revolutionary flag to half-mast as a sign of mourning, in accordance with the instruction of the MOD-NUG

On April 12, the 4th Battalion of Tamu PDF stated the following regarding the mass killing of civilians in Pazigyi village in Kanbalu Townshop:

“We pay our respects to the revolutionary comrades, civilians, and minor children of Pazigyi village, Kanbalu Township, who lost their lives in an inhumane air attack by the tyrannical military council on Tuesday, April 11. In accordance with the instruction of the MOD, we will fly the revolutionary flag at half-mast until April 15.”

On the morning of April 11, 2023, the military junta launched air attacks on Pazigyi village in Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Division, where civilians were gathering to discuss community issues. During the air attacks, civilians, including children and pregnant women, were killed and many others were injured.

The Ministry of Defence of the National Unity Government has instructed all PDF battalions, township and village people’s defence groups, and columns to salute the People’s Revolutionary flag at half-mast from April 11 to April 25, 2023, as a mark of mourning for the innocent people, including children, who were killed by the inhumanity of the military group.

5. UN Secretary-General strongly condemns aerial attack on Kanbalu’s Pazigyi village

The UN Secretary-General António Guterres on April 11 condemned aerial attack on Pazigyi village, Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Division, which resulted in the death of many civilians.

He called for those responsible to be held accountable and offered his deepest condolences to the families of the victims.

The Secretary-General also reiterated his call for the military to end the campaign of violence against the Myanmar population throughout the country, in line with Security Council resolution 2669.

6. Embassy of Canada to Myanmar calls for all countries to stop the sale or transfer of arms and military equipment to the Myanmar military

On April 11, the Embassy of Canada to Myanmar released a statement regarding the aerial attacks of the military regime against civilians in Pazigyi village, Sagaing Division.

The statement states that Canada condemns the repeated, deliberate, widespread, indiscriminate, and disproportionate use of force against civilians by the Myanmar military and that the deliberate targeting of civilians is a violation of international humanitarian law.

“We reiterate our calls for the Myanmar regime to immediately cease its violence. We continue to urge all countries to support the people of Myanmar by immediately stopping the sale or transfer of arms, military equipment, dual-use equipment, and technical assistance to Myanmar,” said the statement.

7. Young people hung a banner reading, “Why are you dancing when the entire village is on fire?” in Yangon

On the morning of April 12, young people from the Soft Strike Community of the Yangon Revolution Force (YRF) hung a banner reading, “Why are you dancing when the entire village is on fire?” somewhere in Yangon.

The message on the banner, according to the YRF, is dialogue from the movie “It Is Not Finished Yet; It Is Our Turn Now!” which was produced and performed by artists who stand up for the truth together with the people.

The YGF calls on the public, in consideration of revolutionary comrades who are fighting in the people’s revolution and other civilians who are affected by the arm conflicts and the violence of the military council, not to participate in the events and festivals that will be held by the military council and their associates.

8. Nearly 100 people attended a public protest held in the San Francisco Bay area to condemn the military council and its associates

A public demonstration was held in region on the evening of April 11, local time, led by the Free Burma Action Committee (FBAC).

On the evening of April 11, local time, in the San Francisco Bay area, the FBAC organised a public demonstration to protest, together with the international community, the mass killing of civilians in Kanbalu Township by the military council’s bombardment on April 11, and to condemn the acts of the military council and its associates.

On April 11, nearly 100 people joined the emergency gathering on April 11 at 4:00 p.m. San Francisco time to condemn the April 11 mass killing of Kanbalu citizens and express their solidarity with the people of Myanmar during the Spring Revolution.

Along with the protest, the demonstration demanded that the US government and other countries increase their efforts to take actions against the military council, take decisive action, file charges with the international tribunal as soon as possible, and to provide direct assistance to the defenceless people in a timely manner.

9. A prayer rally for the people of Kanbalu and the people of Myanmar, who are bearing the brunt, will be held in New York, USA

On April 12, the New York-based NYCBC announced the following regarding the rally:

“The expatriate families will keep gathering together to make urgent requests to the US government for the people of Myanmar to make direct assistance as quickly as possible, to ban the sale of jet fuel to the terrorist military, to find a way to hand over those who have committed war crimes in Myanmar to the International Criminal Court (ICC), and so on.”

The prayer rally will be held on April 13 at the Moore Homestead Playground, with all in attendance wearing black shirts.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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