Spring Revolution Local News – Mar 26 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. Acting President Duwa Lashi La says that despite being in different locations, at home and abroad, the hearts of the people are not different for the spring revolution

Acting President Duwa Lashi La said the following in his video speech sent to the Myanmar public meeting organised by the Peace and Justice Committee of the Chin Baptist Churches (USA) in Indiana State:

“I am especially happy to hear and see how our ethnic people in various countries are gathering and supporting the Spring Revolution such as today’s. Even though we are in different places—at home and abroad—our hearts are not different for the spring revolution, and seeing the unity between us is an encouragement for the revolution.”

U Kyaw Zaw, the Spokesperson for the Office of the Acting President, attended the public meeting held in Indiana and responded to the questions raised by the people who attended.

2. The National Unity Government warmly welcomes the United States Department of the Treasury’s announcement of additional sanctions against the terrorist military in Myanmar

The National Unity Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on March 26 regarding the United States Department of the Treasury’s announcement of additional sanctions against individuals and entities connected to the military in Myanmar.

The announcement of the United States Treasury Department made on March 24, 2023, regarding the Myanmar military targets two individuals and six entities connected to the junta and its deliberate, widespread, and systematic atrocities against civilians, according to the MOFA-NUG.

Most importantly, the sanctions aim at the importation, storage and distribution of jet fuel to the junta, said the statement.

It also stated, “The National Unity Government extends its gratitude to the United States for its sustained commitment to the Myanmar people and calls on other members of the international community to take equal action.”

3. NUG had requested the international governments to ban the sales of jet fuel to the Myanmar military if they do not provide anti-aircraft weapons

At the meeting between public leaders and the people held on March 25 in Norway, Daw Zin Mar Aung, Union Minister of Foreign Affairs said:

“We demand that they (international countries) ban the sale of jet fuel if they are not providing us anti-aircraft weaponry. We ask for such things. [Every time we have a chance to meet with the international governments,] we make demands of them based on the requirements of the current situation, such as what sanctions we require, in every way possible from the perspective of international relations.”

So far, at least 20,000 terrorist junta soldiers have been killed while advancing during the revolution, which has been going on for more than a year.

“When it comes to military column, the army is really failing. I’m not saying it to make it sound good. I’m not saying it to energise us. It’s really failing. Because it’s really failing, they’ve dragged in those who are not from the military, and they’re creating ethnic conflicts in ethnic areas,” Daw Zin Mar Aung said.

U Aung Myo Min, Union Minister of Human Rights of the NUG, who also attended the meeting, said: “Our government is a people’s government that is led by the people. If we look back at NUG, it has included people from a variety of backgrounds. As for me, I’m not a party member. I have been working on human rights for 35 years. Likewise, some of the government members are ethnic Kachin and Karen from different backgrounds. One thing is for sure: we are taking part in the spirit of carrying out our responsibility and establishing a genuine federal democracy.”

At present, the National Unity Government is proceeding according to the Federal Democracy Charter and cooperating with ethnic forces such as the KNU and KIA.

4. The CRPH Education Committee held a meeting with CRAH and the township boards of education in the Ayeyarwady Region

On March 25, the CRPH Education Committee held a meeting with the Committee Representing Ayeyarwady Region Hluttaw (CRAH) and township boards of education in the Ayeyarwady Region to discuss the education sector.

At the meeting, the township boards of education explained the on-ground situations, the challenges they were facing, and the contact and arrangements made for CDM teachers who were arrested and in need of emergency assistance.

The chairman and members of the CRPH Education Committee, members of the CRAH, township boards of education, and office teams in Ayeyarwady Region attended the meeting.

5. The NUG government’s Spring Lottery project provided exactly 3,900,000 kyats in support to 78 healthcare CDM employees in February 2023

CDM Medical Network announced the following on March 25:

“In February 2023, the NUG government’s Spring Lottery Project distributed grants to various departments, and among them, 78 healthcare CDM employees received a total of thirty-nine hundred thousand kyats of subsidies.”

Out of the total of more than 30,000 healthcare CDM employees, those who are struggling to make ends meet are given priority as much as possible, as stated by CDM Medical Network.

6. A Spring Revolution fundraiser held in Froland, Norway, has raised a total of NOK 104,000

CRPH Support Group-Norway released the following information on March 26 regarding a Spring Revolution fundraiser held in Norway:

“We have raised a total of 104,000 NOK at the Spring Revolutionary fundraiser in Froland, Norway: 77,000 NOK from sales and 27,000 NOK from the screening of director Ko Pauk’s film.”

The film “The Ray of Hope,” directed by Ko Pauk, is currently being screened around the world, with all proceeds going to support the revolution.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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