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1. Acting President Duwa Lashi La claims that the NUG already has control over more than half of the country and that if it gains international assistance, the killings and sufferings of the people will end sooner

During an exclusive interview with Khmer Time, Acting President Duwa Lashi La highlighted that the National Unity Government already has control over more than half of the country and that if it gains international assistance, the killings and sufferings of the people will end sooner.

“From the beginning, the junta’s coup had never been successful, as the military since last year has never been able to control the country effectively. Realistically, the government led by the military junta has neither been recognized domestically nor internationally. We can see clearly that the junta is not in control of the country, and they are also facing civilian opposition everywhere.”— Acting President Duwa Lashi La said.

The Acting President also said: “With support from the civilians, we are winning the fight and now control more than half of the country already, but if we receive a fraction of the support that Ukraine has received from the international community, the slaughtering and suffering of the people will cease once and for all.”

The Acting President added that since there are 1.4 million displaced civilians inside the country as a result of massive human rights violations perpetrated by the terrorist State Administration Council (SAC), which also burns down civilian homes and inflicts atrocities on the people, the NUG has been trying its best to work together with the ethnic armed organizations and join hands with the civilians, and those perpetrators must be sure to be punished.

“The ASEAN leaders, including Prime Minister [Hun Sen] of Cambodia, with the initiation of the Five-Point Consensus did something very reasonable with goodwill and good heart for a better outcome for Myanmar, and they did their best. Unfortunately, the Min Aung Hlaing and his allies who signed the agreement have not implemented it at all. The main point is that this Five-Point Consensus must be expanded to include ASEAN’s direct engagement with the NUG, which is the representative of the civilians in Myanmar. I also advise that the SAC should not be allowed to represent Myanmar or its people in every level of this process to create a better outcome.”— Acting President said.

A further claim made by the Acting President was that although the military council released 5,774 prisoners, only 400 of them were political prisoners and that thousands of other political prisoners, including President U Win Myint and State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, were still being held.

2. NUG Minister for Human Rights had a meeting with head of the Southeast Asia Department of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

On December 12, U Aung Myo Min, the National Unity Government’s Union Minister for Human Rights, stated that he met with Mr. Jean-Marc Pommeray, Counsellor at the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Head of the Southeast Asian Department:

“We had a productive meeting with Mr. Jean-Marc Pommeray, the Head of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Southeast Asian Department, and we requested his support in relation to the ASEAN policy and during the discussion of the Myanmar issue at the EU-ASEAN Summit. At the next EU-ASEAN Summit, the EU must not just stand by a clear position, but try to ensure ASEAN work more effectively and aggressively.”

Furthermore, the minister met with Ms. Delphine Borione, the French Government’s Ambassador for Human Rights, and addressed Myanmar concerns such as human rights, the International Court of Justice, and the International Criminal Court.

The Human Rights Minister is arriving in France on behalf of the National Unity Government.

3. Alerts regarding the pursuit and arrest of CDM employees in Tigyaing Township, Sagaing Division

On December 12, the Tigyaing Revolution (TR) team warned that CDM employees were being pursued and arrested in Tigyaing Township, Sagaing Division, as follows: “Recently, we have learned that the military junta is pursuing and arresting CDM employees, even their parents, and civilians under various pretenses, such as being PDF supporters, with the help of Dalan (military informants) in the town and non-CDM staff of departments subordinate to the military junta. They are constantly pursuing and arresting people who claim to be connected to PDF, regardless of whether there is evidence.”

As a result, CDMers and concerned people are advised to exercise extra caution because arrests with the assistance of non-CDMers are possible at any time, as are complaints from numerous Dalan (military informants) on a variety of subjects.

4. The defense forces rescued an innocent Yesagyo Township civilian who had been abducted by the military junta force

On December 13, Company 1 of the Pakokku Urban Guerrilla Force Unit 1 reported that the allied defense forces rescued an innocent civilian of Yesagyo Township, Magway Division, who had been abducted by the military junta force, as follows:

“Following reports that an innocent civilian had been abducted by military council forces that had harassed people in the west of Pa Khan Gyi Village in Yesagyo Township and looted civilian properties from Myay Khae Taung Village, three allied groups of us—Company 1 of the Pakokku Urban Guerrilla Force Unit 1, the Urban Underground Force, and the 27 Revolution Force—rushed to rescue him.”

According to the Pakokku Urban Guerrilla Force, a skirmish was encountered between the allied defense forces and the military junta forces, and the allied defense forces were forced to retreat because of the superior weapons of the junta forces, despite the fact that a civilian was rescued during the skirmish.

5. Heavy weapons fired by the military junta devastated almost the entire village of Kone Thar in Namhsan Township

On December 13, the News and Information Department of the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) released a statement stating that almost the entire village of Kone Thar Village in Namhsan Township, Shan State, was destroyed by the heavy weapons fired by the military junta.

According to the statement, the military council launched air raids on Kone Thar Village in Namhsan Township in the 2nd Brigade Military Region of the TNLA, resulting in four houses being burned down and the entire village being hit by heavy weapons.

There are around 60 houses in Kone Thar Village, and the state of village after being hit by heavy weapons was confirmed by a resident of Kone Thar Village as follows:

“Four houses were burned down after they [military council forces] set fire to the village. They fired guns at more than 50 houses, as well as a monastery and a school. They also bombarded the village. Heavy weaponry struck the village. The entire community was damaged and destroyed, even if it wasn’t burned down.”

According to locals, the military junta columns also broke into the houses of the villagers in the nearby villages of Kone Thar Village, such as Hu Man Village and Pan A Lauk Village, and took away money and jewelry.

“They [military council troops] stormed into the village and raided every house, ransacking them. Some of the houses had gold jewelry taken from them. They also smashed the lock on my shop and stole rice, as well as 17 lakh kyat in cash that I kept for capital,” a female resident of Hu Man Village claimed in the TNLA’s statement.

At present, the military junta continues to conduct air strikes, and the number of casualties on both sides has yet to be confirmed.

6. Ywar Meik Thar Village was set on fire this morning by the junta columns that are raiding the villages in Depayin Township

Ywar Meik Thar Village was set on fire by military council troops that are raiding the villages in Depayin Township, Sagaing Division, according to a report from the Depayin Township Brothers Group, an alternative local media outlet, on December 13.

It states, “Min Aung Hlaing’s troops, who burned down the villages of Depayin Township, are setting fire to Ywar Meik Thar Village.”

As a result of the terrorist military raiding and torching villages in the eastern part of Depayin Township, at least 35,000 local residents were internally displaced, 1,600 homes were burned down in 18 villages, and 20,000 people were left homeless within 10 days.

7. Bo Ma Htar People’s Defense Force plans to produce and distribute a total of 100 firearms to the local defense forces active in Magway Division

Bo Ma Htar (which means to have no equal) People’s Defense Force, a multi-villages defense group in Magway Division, announced in December that it will produce and distribute at least 100 firearms to the local defense forces active in Magway Division.

The Bo Ma Htar People’s Defense Force provided 10 guns, 877 rounds of ammunition of various types, 13 grenades, and 2 landmines to the two local multi-village people’s defense groups for the second time.

Bo Ma Htar, the leader of the Bo Ma Htar PDF, said in December that at least 100 firearms will be produced and distributed free to other local defense forces.

8. The “People’s Necklace, Soldiers’ Bullets” campaign raffle tickets continue to sell in order to fund the ammunition purchase of the Ranger Kalay Defend Force (RKDF)

On December 13, the Ranger Kalay Defend Force (RKDF) announced the following:

“It has been 12 days since we started a 15-day fundraising campaign to meet the need for ammunition for our Ranger Kalay Defend Force (RKDF). Due to our force’s need for a significant amount of ammunition, a revolutionary citizen donated her gold necklace with purple gemstones worth around 1,500,000 kyats to us. We will resell it to the revolutionary people through a raffle system to replenish our ammunition supplies. A raffle ticket costs 10,000 kyats, and purchasing one also means donating a bullet to our force.”

9. The drawing for the BMW X2 raffle is planned to take place on January 2023

The New York City Burmese Community (NYCBC) announced that the drawing for the BMW X2 raffle was planned to be held on January 2023.

“The drawing will begin once the raffle tickets for the car are sold out, so let’s buy them quickly so that it can be drawn promptly,” the NYCBC said.

In order to purchase raffle tickets for the BMW X2, agents are listed on the NYCBC Facebook page.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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