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NUG Justice Minister U Thein Oo orders judges to make right decisions by emphasizing the rule of law

U Thein Oo, Union Minister of Justice of the National Unity Government, said the following at a meeting with judges who are conducting interim justice: “Courts play an important role in the implementation of interim rule of law; the role of judges who administer justice on the ground is also important, and it is also very important for judges to be able to make the right decision while paying attention to the rule of law.”

Union Minister of Justice U Thein Oo, Director General of the Interim Judicial Department U Yan Gyi Aung, Permanent Secretary of the Union Minister Office of Justice, Deputy Director Generals, Directors, relevant staff, and the township judges attended the meeting.

NUG Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs says that it is dangerous that there are at least two member states in ASEAN to support Min Aung Hlaing’s election

At the Discussion titled “Myanma Spring and the Role of the International Community” held on November 13, U Moe Zaw Oo, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs said, “There are about two countries in ASEAN trying to help [Min Aung Hlaing’s election]. Things like, how about we encourage it [Min Aung Hlaing’s elections], and how should we support it to be free and fair? are very dangerous.”

Deputy Minister added that, however, most ASEAN countries support the National Unity Government, and some are saying that they do not accept the election of the military council.

Dagon University Students’ Union Central Executive Ma Wut Yee Aung is in poor health but is not allowed adequate medical treatment

It was reported that Dagon University Students’ Union Central Executive Ma Wut Yee Aung, who has been transferred from Daik-U Prison to Insein Prison, is in bad health. But the prison authorities are not giving her adequate medical treatment.

Ma Wut Yee Aung’s health has deteriorated and she is frequently unconscious. The Dagon University Students’ Union claimed that it was only assumed that she had a contusion in the brain due to violent torture during the interrogation but was not allowed to make a medical check despite the request of the family for a medical check-up.

The Central Executive of Dagon University Students’ Union, Ma Wut Yee Aung, was arrested on September 14, 2021, and sentenced to three years in prison under Article 505(a).

Those who pay taxes to the NUG government will get a tax exemption during the rehabilitation period

On November 13, the Internal Revenue Department of the National Unity Government announced that those who pay taxes to the NUG government will be exempt from paying tax in the rehabilitation period.

“The main benefit of paying tax to the NUG government is that, as it is paying to the people’s government, it is taking part in the important role of overthrowing the terrorist regime, and it is taxing to get ‘fairness and freedom’. Another thing is that tax exemption will be granted during the rehabilitation period based on the amount of tax paid,” stated the announcement.

There is no limit on the amount of tax to be paid, and only the taxpayers must determine and pay it themselves. The amount paid will be securely recorded and kept by the National Unity Government.

The entire village of War Boe Chaung, part of the Na Maw Villages Group in Wuntho Township, was burned down by the terrorist military council

On the morning of November 13, the revolutionary forces confirmed that the entire War Boe Chaung Village, part of the Na Maw Villages Group in Wuntho Township, had been burned down by the terrorist military.

“Last evening, War Boe Chaung Village, Na Maw Villages Group in Wuntho Township, was set on fire. According to the news this morning, the entire village was destroyed,” they said.

The terrorist military has burned down various townships and villages throughout the country, and so far, over 36,000 houses and buildings have been destroyed.

The military council troops rampaged through the villages in Myaung Township and burned down Shwe Hlan Village this morning

The Peacock Soldiers (Myaung), a revolutionary force in Sagaing Division, confirmed that the military council troops burned down houses in Shwe Hlan Village, Sagaing Division on the morning of November 13.

“They [the military council troops] left the village the night before after setting fire to Myit Sone Village, Myaung Township. Early this morning, when they reached Shwe Hlan Village, they set fire to the houses of the villagers again,” said the Peacock Soldiers guerrilla group.

There are still the military troops stationed in Parainma Village, Myaung Township. The military troops who were stationed at the Semeikhon Port fired heavy weapons to the west of the river indiscriminately.

The continuation of screening the short film “The Road Not Taken” in 19 countries with a total of 47 shows is under discussion

On November 13, “The Road Not Taken” film screening committee said that discussions for the continued screening of “The Road Not Taken” film in 19 countries with a total of 47 shows are being made.

“The film ‘The Road Not Taken’ can continue to be a success for so long because of the people around the world who are still enthusiastic about the revolution. We would like to inform the people that plans are being made for the people who want to watch the film domestically. There are still 47 shows in 19 countries that are being discussed for continued showing,” the film screening committee said. The short film “The Road Not Taken,” directed by Ko Pauk, was based on a true story of a CDM captain and featured by comrades from the revolutionary area.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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