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Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khaing Thann says that every day is important for the people living under the cruel and violent military council

At the meeting of the Interim Local Administration Central Committee (ILACC) held on November 3, Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khine Thann said, “At a time when manpower and funds are limited, it is important to use them mainly on the revolution. Every day is important for the people who live under the brutal military council. Time is important for the people who have preserved in the revolution up to this point and for the people at home and abroad who have supported it with funds.”

The meeting was led by the Chairman of the Interim Local Administration Central Committee (ILACC), Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khing Thann, and was attended by Vice President U Lwin Ko Latt, Union Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, as well as committee members Union Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, and officials from relevant departments.

NUG Foreign Minister Daw Zin Mar Aung delivered a video speech at the 13th edition of FESTIVAL DELLA DIPLOMAZIA 

At the 13th edition of FESTIVAL DELLA DIPLOMAZIA, held with the title “Transitions and Contradictions: Is No Change an Option?”, Daw Zin Mar Aung, Union Minister of Foreign Affairs of the National Unity Government, spoke about the current situation in Myanmar and the struggles of the people of Myanmar for democracy.

The 13th edition of FESTIVAL DELLA DIPLOMAZIA was held from 20 to 28 October 2022 in Rome.

At the United Nations, Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun states that the internally displaced women and children are at risk of becoming the main victims of human trafficking

At the Third Committee of the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly held on November 2, U Kyaw Moe Tun, Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the United Nations, stated the following while discussing the Report of the UNHCR:

“So many women and children are among those who displaced in Myanmar. They are intentionally targeted for displacement and are in very vulnerable situation. Internally displaced persons especially women and children are facing many challenges regarding food and nutrition, hygiene, shelter and high risk to become victims of human trafficking.”

According to the UN, over 1.4 million people are now displaced, and more than 15.2 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Myanmar.

A Christian preschool in Momauk struck by cannon balls

It was reported that the military council forces fired heavy weapons at a Christian preschool in Momauk without any clash happening. Similarly, on the night of November 3, four students were hit and injured by heavy weapons fired by the military council’s artillery battalion without any clashes occurring in Kutkai Township, Northern Shan State.

Union Minister Dr. Tu Hkawng said, “The military council has become atrocious at its worst. Tonight, it deliberately fired cannons at a Christian Bible College in Kutkai, Northern Shan, without any fight occurring. Similarly, the other day, it fired cannons at a Christian preschool in Momauk.”

In Kutkai Township, a shell fired arbitrarily by the military council’s armed forces without any fight exploded in the dormitory on the top floor of the Kachin Bible School in the 5th Ward of Kutkai, hitting and injuring four students.

The terrorist military burned down Myaung Gyi Village, Kawlin, this morning

According to the Kawlin Revolution team, the military troops burned down the civilian houses at around 6:40 a.m. on November 4.

It states, “It was reported that Myaung Gyi Village was being burned down by the military junta troops at about 6:40 a.m. At about 7:05 p.m., 37 houses were burned down.”

It is said that a total of 37 houses were destroyed in the fire, leaving people homeless and fleeing.

The military troops are marching into Kawlin Township with excessive force and targeting civilians.

At least a thousand houses in 16 townships in Sagaing Division were burned down by the terrorist military in October

In November, the Fire Service Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration of the National Unity Government released an announcement regarding the arson attacks throughout Myanmar by the terrorist junta in October.

According to the announcement, during the month of October, the terrorist military burned down at least 1,550 civilian’s houses throughout Myanmar, including 1,044 houses in Sagaing Division. Among the burned-down houses in Sagaing Division are 59 houses in Minkin Township and 249 houses in Kanbalu Township.

The terrorist military not only burned down houses but also shot and killed local residents.

Donations can be made through the NUGPay account of the Ministry of Health to purchase medicines and medical supplies needed to provide emergency health care to PDF comrades and war-affected people

On November 3, the Ministry of Health of the National Unity Government (NUG) issued an official notification.

It states, “The Ministry of Health of the National Unity Government (NUG) has opened a NUGPay account so that it can receive people’s donations freely and safely. The NUGPay account of the NUG Ministry of Health has been opened with only one account name: ministry of health*”

People can enter the name of the ministry’s NUGPay account in their NUGPay app or scan the QR code to donate money freely and safely.

The ministry also stated that the people’s donations will be used for the purchase and distribution of medicines and medical supplies needed to provide emergency health care to PDF comrades and war-affected people, as well as for awarding money to the frontline health workers who are working with the ministry.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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