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The people of Myanmar living abroad can support the revolution of Kachin State through the NUGPay of Union Minister Dr. Tu Hkawng

On October 31, Union Minister Dr. Tu Hkawng announced, “My acquaintances living abroad, you can contribute and stand with the people of Kachin who are trying hard to defend themselves through my NUGPay wallet account, which I have never used. Please be informed that support can be sent through NUGPay agents by country.” The Union Minister also said that the accounts will be managed systematically

The NUG Human Rights Minister says that the entire Sagaing Division was almost destroyed, with almost no villages left

The Union Minister of Human Rights, U Aung Myo Min, claimed that the entire Sagaing Division was almost destroyed, with almost no villages left.

“The military council not only attacked the villages from the air but also deployed soldiers by using military planes and ships. The deployed soldiers indiscriminately shot and killed civilians who were fleeing and burned down houses. They committed crimes. Therefore, the entire Sagaing Division is almost destroyed, with almost no villages left.” —Union Minister U Aung Myo Min said.

Terrorist military troops have burned down 36,000 civilian houses and buildings across the country, and among those, Sagaing, Magway, and Chin State suffered the most.

The funeral ceremony of Myawaddy Mingyi Sayadaw held today

The funeral ceremony of Myawaddy Mingyi Sayadaw was held in the afternoon of October 31 in Mae Sot, Thailand, and was attended by his political acquaintances, laymen and laywomen.

Union Prime Minister Mann Win Khaing Than also sent a wreath to the ceremony.

Myawaddy Mingyi Sayadaw, Ven. Buaddanta Ariyavamsabhivamsa (Dhammacariya-Vatansaka), the Buddhist monk of Myawaddy Mingyi monastery, passed away suddenly on October 27 at around 10:30 p.m. due to ischemic heart disease while staying in Mae Sot, Thailand.

Sayadaw is a leading Buddhist monk who has been participating peacefully in preaching against the military dictatorship in Myanmar.

A youngster under the age of 18 was accused of having completed training given by the people’s defense forces and beaten to death by the terrorist military

On October 31, the Indaw Revolution (IR) team reported, “On the morning of October 30, a military column of at least 100 soldiers arrived at Ywa Thar Yar Village near Maw Teik and beat a 17-year-old youth to death while tying him with rope and throwing him on the side of the road. They accused him of having completed training given by the people’s defense forces. The said military column abducted another youngster from Ywar Thar Yar Village before leaving the village, and it is reported that they arrived at Tong Taw Village and Aung Knoe Village on the morning of October 31.”

At least three soldiers died when the defense forces attacked a camp of the junta troops stationed in Kyauk Yit Village, Myaung Township

On October 30, the Myingyan District Battalion-5 (Hnalone Hla Lu Mike Gyi Myar Group) of the People’s Defense Force stated the battle report.

It states, “When the junta soldiers from the Kyauk Yit camp were marching towards the Taman Say Kan, the Myingyan District Battalion-5 (Hnalone Hla Lu Mike Gyi Myar Group), the Monywa District Battalion-8, and the local people’s defense force (Myaung) opened fire at the Kyauk Yit camp. The fighting lasted for 10 minutes, and as a result of the fighting, two or three members of the junta troops may have been killed. The allied forces were able to retreat unharmed.”

The NUGPay encyclopedia was released to let everyone know all about NUGPay services

On October 30, the NUGPay (the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment of the NUG) announced that the NUGPay encyclopedia has been released, which described everything about the services of the NUGPay mobile wallet.

It states, “The NUGPay encyclopedia, which will let you know everything about NUGPay services, is here for you. Although NUGPay is built on the basis of new technology, special care has been taken in the NUGPay encyclopedia to make it convenient and easy for people to use. You can learn how to receive and transfer money with NUGPay in it.”

The encyclopedia describes how to open a NUGPay mobile wallet account, how to transfer money, and how to receive money.

NUGPay currently has about 15,000 users and is the only financial system free from the control of the dictator.

The special screening of the director Ko Pauk’s short film ” The Road Not Taken” was screened at the Baldwin Park Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, USA, and earned more than $40,000        

The two special screenings of the short film “The Road Not Taken”, directed by Ko Pauk, which was led by the Los Angeles Organizers for Burma and jointly organized by Los Angeles-based Burmese organizations, were held at the Baldwin Park Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, USA on October 30 from 12:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

More than 600 Myanmar-born ethnic families living in and around Los Angeles, as well as American friends and families, attended and enjoyed watching the special film screenings.

It is learned that that more and more moviegoers are coming to see the film as a revolution against the injustice of the tragic and heartbreaking incident of the brutal air attack and killing of innocent people and musicians in A Nang Pa Village, Hpakant Township, Kachin State.

A total of over 40,000 USD was able to be raised and it is said that the raised funds will be donated as soon as possible to towns and villages in urgent need across Myanmar and to the PDF groups who are fighting against the terrorist military council.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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