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The online fundraising campaign organized by the Save Myanmar team has raised 62,000 USD

The D-Day one-year review event and the “From Resistance to Revolutionary War” online fundraising event was organized by the Save Myanmar team on September 24 in the United States, and it was reported that a donation of 62,000 USD was received.

Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khaing Thann, U Htin Linn Aung—Union Minister of Communications, Information and Technology, and Dr. Zaw Wai Soe—Union Minister of Health and Education, attended the event. The event was to raise funds for the strategically important drone operation, and the people of Myanmar living in the United States contributed to it.

Union Minister Dr. Sasa says that the Myanmar military is like Al-Qaeda

Union Minister Dr. Sasa remarked at an online fundraising event to support the Chinland Defense Force-Tonzang (CDF-Tonzang) on September 24.

“It’s like Al-Qaeda. Like Al-Qaeda established a terrorist organization in Afghanistan, the army established by General Aung San for the people 60 years ago no longer exists. It’s gone. They have become a criminal organization.” — Union Minister Dr. Sasa said.

On February 1, 2021, the military seized power unjustly. It has arrested and detained more than two thousand people and killed more than two thousand.

Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun says that Myanmar military has never been transparent with their past chemical weapon programme

Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun, Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the United Nations, stated at the Thematic Discussion on “Other Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs)” at the First Committee of the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly held on October 19.

“The military has never been transparent with their past chemical weapon programme, and also failed to be a good partner for nuclear disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation. What is more, not only the history but also what they are brutally and inhumanely committing against the innocent civilians of Myanmar explain the world that they will not hesitate to pose any serious threats against our people and beyond.” — Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun stated.

Moreover, the ambassador also stated that Myanmar reaffirmed its commitments to building a world free of all weapons of mass destruction.

Union Minister Naw Susanna Hla Hla Soe urges the military personnel who love the people to defect to the people as soon as possible

At the discussion on “War Conflicts and Children’s Rights That Must Be Protected” held on September 25, Naw Susanna Hla Hla Soe, Union Minister of Women, Youths and Children Affairs, said the following.

“Instead of protecting the lives and property of the people, the army is brutally killing the people, the children, and the future of the country. Anyone who violates the law will be dealt with according to the law. Therefore, I call on all the military personnel who love the people to stand on the side of the people, to defect to the people as soon as possible, and to fight back against this injustice.” — Union Minister Naw Susanna Hla Hla Soe said.

According to the announcement of the National Unity Government, more than 350 children were killed and more than 60 were arrested and detained during the multi-ethnic revolution that people have been persisting for more than 600 days.

The NUG Ministry of Human Rights reveals that the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Let Yet Kone Village in Tabayin Township are the soldiers of the 368th Light Infantry Battalion

During the last week of September, the Ministry of Human Rights revealed the details of the incident in Let Yet Kone Village, Tabayin.

It states, “The perpetrators of the incident Let Yet Kone Village in Tabayin Township, where the school inside the monastery compound was intentionally attacked by the air force, are the soldiers of the 368th Light Infantry Battalion under the No. (10) Inspection Headquarters of the Terrorist Military Council.”

The statement said that, as a result of this brutal attack, innocent civilians as well as children studying in the school were killed, and some were arrested. There are 12 confirmed dead, among them 7 children under the age of 16, including Mg Bhone Tay Za and Ma Thu Wati Hlaing. The terrorist military junta not only killed civilians but also arrested 15 civilians, including 7 children who were underage.

The Ministry of Human Rights also claimed, “The incidents that have been committed clearly testify that SAC and its soldiers are openly and continuously violating International humanitarian law (IHL), the laws of war, etc.”

This morning, the terrorist junta troops burned down Kyet Su Aint Village in Pauk Township, Magway Division

According to local news sources, the village was burned down on the morning of September 26.

On September 26, the We Love Myaing team, a local news source, claimed, “The terrorist military council troops who entered Kyet Su Aint Village, Pauk Township, Magway Division, on the border of Pauk and west of Myaing, last night, burned down Kyet Su Aint Village at around 7:30 this morning.”

The military junta troops are marching in a column in the Townships in Magway Division and are trying to gain control over the area, but their soldiers are still suffering from casualties and injuries.

The Karenni State Police Training Center is learning Democratic Policing and other police skills

“The Karenni State Police Training Center is learning democratic policing and other police skills from experts at home and abroad in order to increase the capacity of the Karenni police. These skills are being re-coached in the KSP bases and security police outposts,” the Karenni State Police (KSP) announced on September 26.

The National Unity Government has established the police force and has announced that the police are in the service.

The terrorist military troops set fire to Alal Kone Village, Kawlin, and the people fleeing them were rescued by the local defense forces

On September 26, the Kawlin Revolution team, a local team working on news, support, and scouting, claimed, “A military column arrived in Alal Kone Village, Chaung Kwe Group, Kyauk Pyin Thar Circle, Kawlin on September 26, and according to the latest report, they have burned down three civilian houses. It is known that the defense forces are evacuating the people and taking them to safe places.”

It is also stated that the terrorist military column contained about 130 soldiers.

A 7-year-old child was killed by an artillery shell fired by the 9th Military Operation Command (MOC-9)

According to local news sources, the 9th Military Operation Command (MOC-9), headquartered in Kyauktaw Town, Rakhine State, indiscriminately fired heavy weapons at around 11:00 p.m. on September 25. One of the artillery shells landed on a house in Nagara Village, Kyauktaw Township, killing a 7-year-old child and injuring a man.

In Rakhine State, the junta troops indiscriminately fired heavy weapons into villages and towns. At present, there are more than 60,000 IDPs in Rakhine State.

The opening of the “We have us” spring donation raffle will be held on October 8

In September, the raffle organizer Ko Htain Linn posted on social media, “The winner will be chosen on the 8th of next month, so please continue to support us. This is a spring donation by a CDM staff. A diamond necklace and a diamond pedant with a total value of 5,000 USD will be drawn separately, and the winner of those necklace and pedant will be selected along with other souvenirs. Each raffle is sold for 10 USD.”

He also stated that those who want to buy raffle tickets can reach him via the mentioned phone numbers or his Facebook Messenger.

The raffle prizes include a traditional painting on linen (15″x20″), a 47-year-old envelope with the picture of U Thant (1975-United Nations), a music CD signed by Ko Jimmy, a framed original stamp with the picture of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi (2012-Guinea), and a 56-year-old original stamp with the picture of U Thant (1966-Mexico).

#Credit : Radio NUG


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