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The Union Prime Minister says that the revenue earned from Myanmar’s natural resources is being monopolized by a handful of top leaders of the military council

The Union Prime Minister, Mahn Winn Khaing Thann, said at the meeting of the National Administrative Board of Natural Resources.

The Union Prime Minister said, “In the past, the revenue earned from Myanmar’s natural resources did not flow to the people, who are the original owners of the natural resources, but only a handful of top military council leaders arbitrarily dominated and ruled. The people must work hard to participate in the revolution to quickly obtain the right to manage and create their own resources.”

Currently, the military council is illegally trading natural resources such as jade and mineral gems.

The Defense Minister, U Yee Mon, says that the sunset of the military regime is not far away

U Yee Mon, the Union Minister for Defense, added this in the congratulatory message sent to the people’s soldiers who defected from the terrorist military, participated in CDM, and served under the PDF.

The Minister said, “The military council not only lacks morale, discipline, and ethics, but now it has no ability to fight and has been reduced to the level of a gang of murderous robbers who can only attack, burn, and kill innocent people. This shows that the sunset of the military regime is not far away. We will all make sacrifices, unite as brothers, defeat the military regime and win together with the people.”

During the People’s Defensive War for more than a year, more than 1,500 brave comrades of the PDF and allied ethnic armed forces were killed, and more than 20,150 soldiers of the Terrorist Military Council were killed and about 7,000 were injured.

As of the fourth day of the Moebye battle, at least one hundred civilian houses were destroyed

On September 12, the News and Information Bureau of the Progressive Karenni People Force (PKPF) reported that at least one hundred houses were destroyed by the terrorist military’s artillery shells until the fourth day of the Moebye battle.

It states, “Last night, at least 40 houses in the wards of Pwe Gone (1), (2), and (3) were hit and damaged by artillery shells. In four days, at least 100 houses have been damaged due to the intensity of the fighting.”

The PKPF also said that since the battle continues to intensify on the fifth day and the military council troops are stationed at the Church, the people are requested not to travel on the Moebye-Pekhon road.

A clash between the fascist army and the revolutionary forces took place near the intersection of Kayantharya Road on the way out of Loikaw City

The Battalion 02 of the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF B02) reported that two sides had been fighting on September 12, at 9:00 a.m.

It said, “Starting this morning and until now, there has been contact between the fascist army and their revolutionary forces near the intersection of Kayantharya Road on the way out of Loikaw City.”

KNDF B02 also said that people should not use the main road and roads that cross to Kayanthayar and listen to the news of the battle.

Yesagyo People’s Administration announced the non-CDM staff under the illegal military coup to resign from their positions and stand with the people

On September 12, the Yesagyo People’s Administration (PaAPha) released Announcement (2/2022).

The announcement states, “The Township People’s Administration Group has been implementing various government mechanisms that will benefit the people, including public administration and public justice issues, in accordance with the guidelines and policies of the National Unity Government. Therefore, the non-CDM staff in various ministries who are still serving as pillars of the Military Council to operate the Military Council’s mechanism are informed by this order announcement to resign from their positions without continuing to serve under the illegal coup Military Council.”

The Yesagyo People’s Administration (PaAPha) also stated that those who do not comply with the order announcement will be considered the props of the military council and will take severe action.

Actress Chit Thu Wai provides 50,000 baht support for the “Ten Thousand Bullets” campaign

On September 12, the University of Medicine 2, Yangon Student Committee said, “With the revolutionary fund raised from the “Starting Point” film, Ma Chit Thu Wai came to contribute 50,000 baht to our ‘Ten Thousand Bullets’ campaign. We would like to express our special thanks to the people who watched the Starting Point film from home and abroad, and to the film crew.”

It was also announced to thank each and every donor who contributed to the “Ten Thousand Bullets” campaign.

The highest prize in the Spring Lottery is ten million kyats, and the lowest prize is one hundred thousand kyats

The Spring Lottery family announced that the highest prize of the Spring Lottery is ten million kyats and the lowest prize is one hundred thousand kyats.

It states, “The spring lottery prizes are… a special prize of ten million kyats; prizes of one million five hundred thousand kyats; prizes of five hundred thousand kyats; and prizes of one hundred thousand kyats. Let us draw the lottery with NUGPay.”

Those who want to buy a Spring Lottery ticket can contact and buy it from the message box of the Spring Lottery Facebook page with a blue verification badge. The proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets are used to support most of the CDM staff.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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