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The Fundraising Program of Federal Wings starts under the direction of U Mahn Winn Khaing Thann, Union Prime Minister of the National Unity Government

On September 1, the Federal Wings drone force announced, “Federal Wings Fundraising Program has started. The main purpose of the fundraising program  is to be able to deploy Federal Wings’ drones throughout the various operation areas and to supply enough fruits (grenades) to use in the operations of the currently deployed drones.”

The Fundraising Program of Federal Wings, which has started now, is managed by the Ministry of Communications, Information and Technology (MOCIT) under the direction of U Mahn Winn Khaing Thann, Union Prime Minister of the National Unity Government.

“In order to establish the Federal Union, participate as the wings of the Federal,” the Federal Wings drone force said.

At the 26th Forum 2000 Conference being held in the Czech Republic, the Minister of Human Rights presented and discussed the issue of Myanmar

On August 31, Union Minister of Human Rights U Aung Myo Min said, “Forum 2000, which is being held in the Czech Republic, is a discussion event focused on the Ukraine issue. The opening remarks of the Czech Prime Minister and the President of Ukraine, as well as the attitudes of the Foreign Ministers of Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands, along with the Czech Foreign Minister, are encouraging. I will present and discuss the best for Myanmar affairs.”

Although Forum 2000 is mainly about Ukraine, it is also a forum where Myanmar issues can be presented.

“The Spring Revolution is not backing away. I will call on the international community to support and help the people of Myanmar, who are resisting atrocities, just as they are encouraging and supporting the people of Ukraine,” the minister said.

The Deputy Minister, Ja Htoi Pan, says that the social and economic life of the people, which has declined since Min Aung Hlaing and the power-crazed group seized power, is now leading to hardship

On September 1, Deputy Minister Ja Htoi Pan posted on social media, “The socio-economic life of the people, which has declined since Min Aung Hlaing and the power-crazed groups seized power, is now leading to more hardships due to the sharp decline in the value of the kyat these days. In this difficult time, we must avoid each other’s exploitation, sympathize and support each other, and overcome the difficulties.”

Deputy Minister Ja Htoi Pan also added that, in order to quickly stop these uncontrollable attacks from various sides like this, the revolution must be successful quickly and she asked those who can afford to participate more from the side that they can, and supporters abroad to give more support when the people at home are having a hard time.

With the budget received from Project Skywalk, NUG will build a drone army systematically

On September 1, the Project Skywalk page said, “Now, the budget that will come from Project Skywalk is to build a drone army systematically. Not for other sectors at all, it is exclusive to drones. Let’s help to deliver the parcel to the enemy’s camp.”

Captain Zero also says that the Project Skywalk drone operation project is currently a major threat to the military council by regional drone forces.

Currently, the drone teams that are working in connection with Project Skywalk are Force for Federal Democracy, Falcon Wings, People Force, ABCD, Butterfly, Golden Eagle, and Mandalay PDF, as well as other drone teams in the respective states and divisions.

It is known that the Project Skywalk of the Ministry of Defence aims to connect drone teams around Myanmar and cooperate under a systematic chain of command.

In addition to co-buying for the housing projects “Spring Villa @ Mindhama” and “Spring Glory @ Thanthumar”,  foreigners are also fully permitted to purchase

On September 1, the End of Dictatorship (EOD) announced, “Up to 3 buyers can purchase jointly. The maximum number of installments allowed for the purchase is three. If 2-3 buyers buy together, the names of all the land owners will be listed in the Land Ownership Insurance Contract. Foreigners can also buy. Beyond the revolution period, special decree laws will be enacted to allow foreigners to own plots of the Spring Yangon Investment Project.”

The numbers of plots to be sold are

(a) 100 plots (60 ft x 80 ft) for Spring Villa @ Mindhamma,

(b) 200 plots (60 ft x 80 ft) for Spring Glory-1 @Thanthumar,

(c) 400 plots (40 ft x 60 ft) for Spring Glory-2 @Thanthumar.

The policeman, who defected from the military council and participated in the CDM with full weapons, was honored with 7 million Kyats

On September 1, The Youth Force (Saw & Kyaukhtu) announced, “Ko Nyan Min, a policeman from Saw Police Station, who started serving as a policeman on 13-7-2017, joined The Youth Force (Saw & Kyaukhtu) on August 31, 2022, and he brought 4 bombs, 300 bullets, a G3 gun rifle, and 2 boxes of ammunition, along with him.”

Two soldiers were killed when the military council soldiers were attacked with five landmines somewhere along the Monywa-Ayadaw road

On September 1, the God of Monywa People Defence Force reported, “Yesterday, on August 31, somewhere along the Monywa-Ayadaw road, a tank car came from Monywa to Ayadaw, but the news flow was late and it escaped. After three minutes, a military vehicle carrying soldiers came up again, and when we attacked them with five special mines, the soldiers on the cars were hit, and they fired back arbitrarily. According to the eyewitnesses of our comrades, two soldiers were killed and there may be many wounded.”

It has been reported that the operation was carried out jointly by the God of Monywa People Defence Force of 3rd Quarter of Battalion 1 of the North-West PDF Coalition, the Red Eagle People Defence Force, and Ponaka Guerrilla Force.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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