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Chairman of the Interim People’s Judiciary Implementation Committee, Union Prime Minister Mahn Winh Khaine Thann has a meeting with the Ministry of Justice

There was an announcement that the Interim People’s Judicial Implementation Committee meeting (5/2022) was held on 27 June.

The meeting was attended by the Chairman, Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khine Thann, Vice Chairman-2, Union Minister for Justice U Thein Oo, Union Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration U Lwin Ko Latt, Union Minister for Human Rights U Aung Myo Min, Deputy Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration Khu Hte Bu, Deputy Minister for Federal Union Affairs U Chit Tun, Deputy Minister for Human Rights Baham Htan, Chairman of the CRPH Legal Committee, and other relevant officials.

Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khine Thann gave an opening speech, and then, Union Minister for Justice briefed on the status of implementation on the judiciary.

After that, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice U Min Naung Khaing clarified the status of implementing the judiciary, and then, Director General of the Judicial Implementation and Courts Monitoring Department U Yan Gyi Aung, and Director General of Prosecution and Pursuit Department U Myo Aung presented the current situation, excerpts, and the townships that had been submitted for the transfer of judicial power, and discussed the requirements in building courts and legal offices.

An anonymous Burmese national donates USD 100,000 to the National Unity Government for Spring Revolution

On 27 June, Union Minister for Planning, Finance and Investment, U Tin Tun Naing announced on social media, “I don’t know his name and what he is doing. I have never seen him outside. He donated USD 100,000 in two installments for the Spring Revolution (Certificate of Appreciation for the second donation of USD 50,000 is attached). He said it does not matter whether the donation is issued on Treasury Bond or EOD share or be taxed, but just called on the National Unity Government to manage the donation as needed for the revolution.”

Union Minister also said that the donor has asked to identify himself as “a Burmese national” in the Certificate of Appreciation.

Union Minister added, “Understandably, under fear, everyone is struggling, hesitant, and timid. But like him, the rest of the business community should emulate the fact that they can find a way out of fear and join the revolution.”

Deputy Minister for Education Ja Htoi Pan says everyone who wants a free and better education should boycott the military slavery education

In an interview with a news agency in June, Deputy Minister for Education Ja Htoi Pan said, “The reason for the revolution against the military slavery education is that it is a system in which students are controlled so that they can not shape their future. It is an education that manipulates the students through fear without any freedom. Therefore, those who want to develop the country and those who want to get better quality of education should boycott the military slavery education.”

There are a total of 51 online schools implementing the people’s education system in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of the National Unity Government, and in terms of on-ground education, public-based schools are opening in Yangon, Mandalay, Sagaing, Magway, Bago, Ayawaddy, Tanintharyi, Kachin, Kayah (Karenni), Kayin, Chin, and Mon regions.

NUG government provides 1 million baht in military allowance to KNDO commander Major-General Nerdah Mya

On 28 June, a person in charge of the KNDO support squadron expressed said, “I, Lieutenant K, the KNDO support squadron, received a one million baht grant for military expenses from the National Unity Government to Major-General Nerdah Mya. All donations sent to the comrades from the people’s government have been handed over to the Major General.”

It also announced that KNDO will use the donations provided by the people’s government and the people effectively without any waste.

There are at least 617 houses and buildings that were unjustly sealed off by the terrorist military junta

According to the announcement of the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) on June 27, at least 617 houses and buildings have been sealed off by Junta between February 2021 and May 2022.

The sealed-off houses and buildings include those of Members of Parliament (MPs), pro-democracy activists, artists, and professionals.

The National Unity Government, in collaboration with the Pa-O National Federal Council -PNFC will jointly sell the EOD (End of Dictatorship) shares and the Treasury Bonds

According to the announcement of United Bonds-NUG on 28 June, the National Unity Government and the Pa-O National Federal Council-PNFC have started jointly selling the EOD (End of Dictatorship) shares and the Treasury Bonds domestically and internationally, to support the Pa-O revolutionary forces, which are fighting for the end of various dictatorships, including the military dictatorship, and the emergence of a new federal democratic union, in various ways.

So far, USD 38 million has been raised from the sale of Treasury Bonds, and over USD 7 million has been raised from the auction of the illegally occupied house of the terrorist military leader Min Aung Hlaing, for a total of USD 45 million, about 95 percent of which were spent on defense.

NUGPay announces to make NUGPay Account Opening, Deposit, Withdrawal services only at the Official Agents

To open a NUGPay account, NUGPay application can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android phones, and arrangements are being made for iOS to be available to download from the Apple Store soon.

NUGPay called for the people to make NUGPay Account Opening, Deposit, Withdrawal services only at the Official Agents

Click 2 donate will be able to send only around 250 million kyats for May

Click 2 Donate said that it could contribute over 400 million kyats for April, but for May, it will be able to provide only 250 million kyats.

Click 2 Donate described that the main reason for the decrease in earnings was that the apps and webs were blocked.

It said, “Yesterday, we received the May revenue. The May revenue is very low and we can only send around 250 million kyats. We hope the heroes on the front lines would understand us for not being able to support much during these two/three months until the new ones are released. We promise to keep trying to get more like before.”

The 449 million kyats of April earnings were already sent to 39 forces on the front lines.

#Credit : Radio NUG

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