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National Unity Government releases a statement that the People’s Defense Force is now in a position to fight in battalions

The National Unity Government released an announcement that states, “In more than nine months since the beginning of the People’s Resistance War, the People’s Defense Force (PDF)’s training, consolidation, command, installation, and production have become increasingly powerful as a Professional Army, reaching a position to fight for not only guerrilla warfare but also battalion-by-battalion if necessary.

The National Unity Government (NUG) officially formed the People’s Defense Force (PDF) on 5 May 2021.

At present, 257 battalions and 250 local people’s defense forces have been formed.

Union Minister Dr. Tu Hkawng says that the Spring Revolution is a long-term race to change the entire political system

Union Minister Dr. Tu Hkawng said, “The spring revolution is not a 100-meter race, but a long-distance race. In order to change the entire political system in the long run, we must aim for a federal democracy that guarantees peace and human security that no one has to continue to fight, not aiming at a single target called the overthrow of the military dictatorship.”

The National Unity Government declared a nationwide resistance war on 7 September 2021.

At present, the National Unity Government is preparing to intensify the resistance revolution.

Union Minister for Human Rights U Aung Myo Min says that complete information should be sent in complaining about the human rights abuses by the terrorist military

Union Minister for Human Rights U Aung Myo Min said, “In reporting the human rights abuses, the following information needs to be included: Who/which organization committed the crime? Where and when did it happen? What crime did they commit?”

The military junta troops have committed massacres of 170 people by setting fire to them.

The junta had killed over 2,000 civilians and had detained over 10,000 civilians since the military coup.

Union Minister U Htin Linn Aung says that The Spring Lottery may resume when NUGPay launches

Union Minister for Communications, Information and Technology said, “There are many difficulties in the Spring Lottery. There are problems with domestic telephones, because, now, telephone numbers must also be registered. We focus on public safety. So, at the moment, it is not in a position to continue the Spring Lottery. By the time NUGPay is launched, the Spring Lottery may be able to operate.”

The Spring Lottery was a popular lottery system that used to be opened on a monthly basis.

Most of the proceeds of the Spring Lottery were used to support the civil servants who participated in CDM.

NUGPay will expand into a nationwide digital currency ecosystem

On 23 June, NUGPay announced that the NUGPay Project would gradually expand into a nation-wide digital financial ecosystem.

NUGPay Project was emerged with the aim of ensuring the safe flow of money into revolutionary forces and establishing a financial service that is free from the control of the military junta.

NUGPay has clear goals and will gradually expand into a nationwide digital financial ecosystem, starting with this Pilot Project.

NUGPay stated it would launch the NUGPay Pilot Project soon, starting with 1,000 agents and 10,000 NUGPay Wallet.

Only 20% of Min Aung Hlaing’s residents, 14/Inya shares left to sell

End of Dictatorship (EOD), a project for selling the shares of properties which were illegally seized by the terrorist leader and its associates, released a statement on 23 June.

The statement said, “The revolution is still moving forward step by step, with blood, sweat, and tears of people. How can we respond to what people lost and paid for? Take back it by buying the EOD shares of 14/Inya residence which was illegally seized by the terrorist leader. EOD guarantees that the proceeds will reach the areas most needed for the revolution as soon as possible. The sooner and the more the support for the revolution is available, the faster the revolution will succeed, and the less people will have to shed blood, sweat, and tears. 14/Inya has only 20% left. Let’s buy EOD shares and take over the land to become a public-owned land as soon as possible.”

Taxi drivers in Yangon say they no longer travel at night due to the lack of security guarantees

Due to the frequent robberies and shootings in Yangon, there is no security guarantee and people are moving around with anxiety. According to a taxi driver, the taxi drivers have to watch the passengers, and the passengers also do not trust the taxi drivers, so they have sense of insecurity on both sides.

A taxi driver in Yangon

According to a taxi driver, taxi drivers are struggling to make a living because fuel prices have skyrocketed, passengers can not afford to pay more, and fewer people are taking taxis.

A taxi driver in Yangon

It is said that the taxi drivers must earn first to pay the owner fee of 9,000 kyats per day and fuel cost of 20,000 kyats per day, and only the extra earnings would be their own. Most taxi drivers take a break from driving because it is uneconomical.

According to the data of the Road Transport Administration Department when it was under the NLD government, there were over 66,000 taxi drivers in Yangon Division. About half of them had to take a break from work since the military coup.

Rakhine civil society organizations say the insecurity of the Rakhine people has worsened due to the military junta’s violent arrests and kidnappings by ARSA

On June 16, ARSA arrested the headmaster and teacher of a primary school in Thinbawhla village, Taungpyo Letwe Township, and demanded money.

According to Chairman of the Rakhine National Network U Tin Htoo Aung, the Arakan Army (AA) Commander-in-Chief, General Tun Myat Naing, warned on Twitter not to be biased as the situation could lead to a resurgence of ethnic and religious tensions between the Rakhine and Muslim communities, after the event of a young Muslim man was beaten and tied up in Kyin Ni Pyin village, Pauktaw Township, in June.

Chairman of the Rakhine National Network U Tin Htoo Aung

According to Tin Ma Sayadaw U Wayaminda, who is helping refugees in Kyauktaw Township, after the military coup in Myanmar, instability erupted across the country, and due to the military and AA arrests of each other and due to ongoing warfares, the Rakhine people are living in a state of panic.

Tin Ma Sayadaw U Wayaminda

Some Paletwa residents were evacuated to refugee camps in Kyauktaw, Rakhine State, following clashes between the AA and the military junta on May 26 in Paletwa Township, Chin State.

Analysts predict that the Arakan Army (AA) is working hard on its Rakkhita path, and if this situation continues, fighting with the military junta will soon take place.

#Credit : Radio NUG

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