An email can do a lot of things.

Google provide an email and you will get a workspace. Free workspace, there are plenty of ways to use. Online software provided to use and you can use them to suitable with your needs.

Google is cloud-based apps suite includes of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Form, Google Meet, Google Blogger, Google Project, Google Classroom and more. Google is the best place to play with data.

You can use the following applications by registering google account such as email.

Google Docs

It is online cloud-based word processor and can create and format the document as you need. Can share with others to work together.

Google Sheet

It is online cloud-based spreadsheet application and can use the common functions which are used at excel such as calculating, sorting, filtering and more. Can share with others to work together and can link with other application.

Google Slides

It is online cloud-based presentation application and let you create and format the presentations by sharing presentation slides to work together.

Google Forms

It is online cloud-based application to make survey, quizzes and multiple questions to get the users’ input data. Can collect the data to analyze.

Google Meet

It is video-communication service and you can make the meeting with other google account holders.

Google Blogger

It is creating the own blogs and let you publish the pages and post with Blogger.

Google Classroom

It is creating the classroom and can join with other classroom.

Google Earth

It is creating the map and upload the map data to view.

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