Slave of Love and Brace yourself

Slave of Love

What love is, I really don’t know,
As no words about love to me flow.

No one tells me; love is hot or cool,
Before, with her, I fall in love pool.

I don’t want to know; love is sour or sweet,
Until it is time for me and her to meet.

I can’t differentiate; love is dark or light,
To her, before I send my love flight.

I’ve no wish to realise; love is gentle or rough,
When my love for her is not tough.

Now I realise;we call what love is,
Really love is nothing else, only her wish.

Depending on my beloved, love is alternating,
I always define love by her wishes changing.

[Moe Chune]

Brace yourself

Brace yourself, lit’ sister
You’re worthwhile to see the light
As you don’t encourage injustice.

Brace yourself, lit’ brother
You are worthwhile with teaching and learning
As you don’t sponge the cruelty.

Brace yourself, friend
You’re worthwhile to be good child of respectable parentage
As you don’t sit by oppression.

Brace yourself, brother.
You’re worthwhile to be a mankind
As you don’t fan murder.

Brace yourself, sister
You’re worthwhile to be a lady
As you don’t admire shamelessness like a master.

Brace yourselves, the youth
You’re worthwhile to be bowed as dutiful generation in history
As you aren’t so selfish that you fight for future destroyed by military junta.

[Moe Chune]

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