Who involved in the daily life revolution, you will learn experience everyday from daily life when you carefully review your functions end of the day.

If you do not review your daily actions then you may miss out . Every morning or everyday we need to set tasks to do and set priority, concentrate the most important things and let it complete the mission task.

Notes: If you have NO to do list then, FIND ME please I will share the task list you can do. I am not a employer however, I keep learning a lot of things during daily revolution.

Regardless of what type of person you are, everyday, you have to face the morning and things to do are regular basic. Such as Students, Career people, housewife and own business people whoever have daily target to complete.

Housewives do cleaning and cooking as daily routine which are called things to do. It is everyday routine and every housewife knows that how long will take a process moreover which one need to do first and what can be done later. Hence, things to do are memorized. Daily routine taught her how to prioritize the tasks. That is called Gain from Experience

Career people have daily things to do or tasks of project to be done. Students also have need to study, helping parents and learning environment which are called things to do. Own business people must have things to do to achieve goal.

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